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“We Must Not Sit Back and Watch A Few Desperados Hijack Football in Akwa Ibom State” – Hon Nse Essien



… Akwa Ibom FA Elections not recognized by the NFF

The last has not been heard of Monday’s Football Association Election held in Akwa Ibom state as one of the chairmanship candidate who was disqualified just days to the election has come out to describe the entire process before and during the election as a total charade. 

The founder and financier of FC One Rockets, who is also an executive committee member of the Nigeria football federation NFF, in a ‘No holds Barred’ interview with sports journalists in Uyo the Akwa Ibom state Capital, said, he wants sports loving Nigerians, especially passionate stakeholders from Akwa Ibom state, to understand that the men perpetrating this evil, are on a mission to hijack football in the state. 

The current Deputy chief whip of the Akwa Ibom state house of assembly who also doubles as chairman committee on youth, sports and security, said he has taken time to listen to these men closely and has come to realize that they don’t have the interest of the game or the state at heart, instead, they are more concerned about how they can infiltrate the state FA with inexperience and irresponsible people that will end up using the office for their selfish gains. 

“In the first place, I wouldn’t  have contested in the election because I was disqualified by the Electoral Committee whose chairman Chris Essien is also the chairman of the Screening Committee” Hon Nse Essien confirmed.

“After the screening, I was told that I have been disqualified because they claimed that instead of being nominted by local council chairmen whom they say are not members of AKSFA, i should have sought nomination from executive council members. That to me is totally bizarre”

“Well, I still don’t know where they got their guidelines from because as much as I know, the NFF Statutes which is domiciled in the election guidelines used by AKSFA, recommends three local council chairmen endorsement. Also, as an executive committee member of the NFF, I administer the game at the highest level of Nigeria football so I should be able to protect the rules of the owners of the game” Essien emphasized. 

“Like I said earlier,  the decision of the screening committee was upheld by the Electoral Committee, whose chairman is also the chairman of the screening committee. That in itself, is an aberration but because these men desperately want to install their stooge as FA chairman, they overlooked these obvious flaws which has now thrown the process into deep crisis. Beyond that, a lot of things are wrong with AKSFA and the rule book so I think it’s high time the hidden statute be reviewed to conform with the rules of NFF, CAF and FIFA”. 

“Let’s not also forget that there was a court injunction stopping the election. The immediate past Secretary of Uyo Local football council, Edem Tom Okpon had petitioned the NFF through his lawyer Ekanem Ekanem Esq, asking that the election be put on hold until a Federal high Court in Uyo sits on the case filed before it. As law abiding citizens of this great country, once a matter is before a court of competent jurisdiction, I expect that there was no need going ahead with the election, coupled with the fact that the NFF wrote a letter to AKSFA informing them to stay action. 

“You will recall that in the build up to the NFF Election in Edo state, there was a court injunction stopping the process and the NFF made sure that the injunction was vacated before elections were conducted. That is because, as much as we are guided by the laws of FIFA, we cannot disobey the laws of our land because, in the first place, the football association must conform with the rules and regulations of the federal republic of Nigeria

“You can now understand why I insisted that those behind Monday’s election are desperados. That charade they call election cannot stand and in a sane clime, by now, the Nigeria police force should be out there looking for all those who participated in that election as this is a clear case of contempt”. 

“Let me also  inform you guys that the only cleared chairmanship candidate for Monday’s election, happens to be the personal assistant to the current chairman of the Electoral Committee, Chris Essien, when he was chairman of Ibesikpo Asutan local government council in Akwa Ibom state. He is the one they are now pushing forward to be chairman of the state FA”

“I have decided to make these clarifications for posterity sake. It is on record that some persons who passed the sceeening to contest in that illegal election only got three local council chairmen nominations but in my case,  they decided to disqualify me, claiming three nominations was not enough. 

 “I hope with this interview, i have successfully cleared my name of any wrongdoing and also set the records straight” Hon Essien concluded.

Nigeria Sports News

NPFL Youth League: Naira Rains For Abia Warriros As CEO Banana Island Lounge & Grills Rewards Players



Chief Executive Officer of popular Texas based Banana Island Grills and Lounge, Francis Chilaka, has rewarded Abia Warriors Under-17 monetarily for their gallant performance in the maiden edition of the Nigeria Professional Football League Youth played in Enugu State, for the South-East zone.

Speaking after the team last fixture against Rangers Under-17, Chilaka who doubles as a Board member of the Abia Warriros Football Club elougized the young Warriors for their spirited performance regardless coming together as a team in a short while.

“The boys showed character and prospects, am proud of their performance regardless not picking the South-East slot as the team wanted”

“Everyone at the Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium in Enugu applauded the youthful Abia Warriros for their exceptional cohesion in their style of play “

“Truely, a big future is before Abia Warriros as the boys will be graduated into the main team as the progress with their developmental process”

In conclusion, soft speaking Chilaka who promised the team a mouthwatering cash reward (N200,000) handed the cash to the team management as the team journey back to Umuahia.

Excitingly the football enthusiasts, Francis Chilaka, was in Enugu althrough the competition giving them financial and moral support.

Abia Warriros Under-17 failed to record a win in the (3) day event as they garned a draw following its (2-2) stalemate with Enyimba and a (0-0) draw against Rangers Under-17 .

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Exciting Opportunity: Enugu Rangers Launches Open Screening for Youth Teams!




Rangers International F.C. Witnesses Impressive Turnout of Young Football Talents at Open Screening Event

Rangers International F.C. recently organized a remarkable open screening exercise to scout for exceptional young talents to join their U-13, U-15, and U-17 teams. Held at the picturesque Rangers Training Pitch, located in Liberty Estate, Independence Layout, Enugu, on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the event attracted an astounding turnout of over two hundred aspiring football stars.

The screening session was graced by esteemed personalities, including Ejike Uzoenyi (MON), a renowned FIFA World Cup star, as well as former team captains Okey Odita and Chibuzor Madu. The legendary Coach John Edeh, along with Coach Basil Obeta and other dedicated personnel from the club’s management, also supervised the event.

Barrister Amobi Ezeaku, the elated G.M/CEO of Rangers, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the young footballers who participated in the exercise. He extended his gratitude to the supportive parents and guardians who encouraged their children to showcase their innate talents during the screening.

It was truly an exciting day filled with promising football prospects, and Rangers International F.C. eagerly looks forward to unveiling the exceptional talents that emerged from this exceptional event.

Ejike Uzoenyi, who supervised the open screening exercise on behalf of the coaching team, expressed his admiration for Rangers International F.C.’s forward-thinking approach. Drawing from his experiences playing football in numerous countries, Uzoenyi commended the club’s management for adopting a methodology commonly practiced worldwide. He was thrilled by the vast number of talented individuals identified during the session and expressed his optimism for discovering even more in the upcoming sessions.

Due to time constraints, some aspiring footballers were unable to be evaluated during the initial screening. To ensure fairness and provide opportunities for all, the exercise will resume on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, starting promptly at 10:00 A.M. This allows the remaining participants to showcase their skills and potentially be considered for the next phase, bringing them one step closer to becoming a part of the esteemed Rangers team.

The enthusiasm and passion displayed by all the participants have made this screening exercise an enjoyable and memorable event. Rangers International F.C. looks forward to continuing this exciting journey, uncovering exceptional talents, and ultimately welcoming new players into their esteemed ranks.

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Triumphant Win for Nigeria Women’s Rugby League Team Against Ghana in Accra




Nigeria Rugby League Women’s Team Secures Convincing 30-20 Win Against Ghana in Thrilling Accra Match

The Nigeria Rugby League Women’s National Team once again displayed their dominance on the field with an impressive 30-20 victory over the Ghana Women’s Rugby League National Team in an exhilarating match held in Accra.

This latest triumph adds to Nigeria’s already impressive track record, having previously defeated Ghana with scores of 40-4 and 14-6 during the two series of games hosted in Lagos in November 2023. The Nigerian women’s team has consistently showcased their skill and prowess, establishing themselves as a formidable force in the Rugby League arena.

The 30-20 victory in Accra signifies another milestone for the Nigeria Rugby League Women’s National Team, highlighting their unwavering determination, exceptional teamwork, and remarkable resilience. Both the players and coaching staff deserve recognition for their dedication to the sport and their ability to achieve success on both domestic and international levels.

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