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Skillful and exciting centre forward, Ulom Simon who plays for Bayelsa United in the Nigeria Professional Football League has stated that he is hopeful his side will put in their best foot forward in the second half of the Nigerian Professional Football League Season starting with their first match in the second half of the NPFL scheduled to hold on March 25th, 2023 when they take on Rangers United away from home.

Bayelsa United are 8th on the NPFL group B log just 1 point ahead of Dakkada who sits bottom on the table and are on the same point with Wikki Tourists who sits second to last on the group B table.

Ulom while addressing the media stated that he his hoping fortune will smile towards them in the second half of 2022/2023 NPFL league season and himself along with his teammates will put their best foot forward

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Nigeria Football League

Club Statement As Pastor Emeka Inyama bows Out As Abia Warriors Chairman



It was an emotional event as players, staff and supporters club members held a valedictory ceremony for Pastor Emeka Inyama as he bowed out as long serving chairman of the Premier clubside.
The praises, adulations and encouraging words from the Board, Management and Staffs brought out tears as many broke down.

All the Staffs who spoke during a Valedictory meeting praised Pastor Inyama for his administrative acumen which ensured that the club moved from the Nigeria National league to the Premier League for the past 10 seasons following it’s promotion.

Club Sporting Director, Elder Godson Eluwa, Accountant, Chidiebere Nwaogwugwu, Media Man,Igwe Onuoha , Secretary Abia State FA and the Secretary Nnenna Wokukwu amongst other’s praised the chairman for leaving a lasting legacy as he bows out and pleaded he keeps his doors open at all times since his experience and vast knowledge will still be required to steady the ship of Abia Warriors even in his absence.

Responding, Pastor Emeka Inyama thanked his fellow board members, management, staffs and players and the technical crew for their support all the years he held sway adding that after serving for 16 years in his capacity, it was time for him to leave the stage

He apologised to those he may have offended unknowingly in the course of carrying out his duties and pleaded for forgiveness.

Pastor Emeka Inyama commended the Abia State government for the opportunity to serve and urged the Staffs to extend same support they gave him to whosoever will step into his shoes.

The Occasion featured prayers for Abia Warriors, the Chairman and Abia State in general.

Media Officer, Abia Warriors F.C

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Dakkada’s Struggles: A Challenging Season Unfolds

Explore the challenges and setbacks faced by Dakkada during their disappointing season, as we analyze the factors behind their underwhelming performance, including squad struggles, managerial decisions, and off-field distractions. Gain insights into the key aspects that contributed to their difficult campaign and discover the steps they may take to bounce back stronger in the future.



Dakkada Football Club, one of Nigeria’s prominent football clubs, has experienced a difficult and disappointing season that has left fans and stakeholders dismayed. Despite high expectations and a talented squad, the team’s performance fell short, resulting in a season marked by challenges and setbacks. In this article, we delve into the factors contributing to Dakkada’s underwhelming campaign, analyzing key aspects such as squad dynamics, form, and managerial decisions.

Underperformance on the Field:

Dakkada’s lackluster performances on the field have been a major factor in their disappointing season. The team struggled to find consistent form, resulting in a series of inconsistent results and a failure to achieve their desired objectives. Defensive frailties, lack of cohesion in midfield, and a misfiring attack plagued the team, leading to frustrating outcomes and missed opportunities.

Injuries and Squad Depth Concerns:

Injuries to key players have also played a role in Dakkada FC’s struggles. The absence of influential individuals disrupted team chemistry and weakened the overall performance. Additionally, the lack of adequate squad depth became apparent, as the team faced difficulties in replacing injured players with equally capable alternatives. These challenges exposed the team’s vulnerability and hindered their ability to maintain consistency throughout the season.

Managerial Decisions and Tactics:

Managerial decisions and tactical approaches have come under scrutiny during Dakkada FC’s troubled campaign. The coaching staff’s choices in team selection, formations, and in-game management have faced criticism from fans and pundits alike. Questionable substitutions, tactical rigidity, and an inability to adapt to changing match situations have contributed to the team’s struggles and hindered their chances of success.

Off-field Distractions:

Off-field distractions and internal issues have also impacted Dakkada FC’s season. Rumors of player discontent, lack of harmony within the squad, and off-pitch distractions can have a detrimental effect on team morale and focus. These factors may have contributed to a disrupted team environment, which in turn affected the players’ performance on the field.

The Way Forward:

As the season ends, Dakkada FC must reflect on the challenges they have faced and take steps to address the issues that hindered their progress. This includes conducting a thorough review of the squad, making necessary adjustments, and potentially strengthening areas that require reinforcement. Additionally, evaluating the coaching staff’s performance and considering strategic changes may be vital in revitalizing the team for future campaigns.


Dakkada FC’s disappointing season serves as a reminder of the ups and downs that football clubs encounter. While setbacks are part of the sport, it is crucial for Dakkada to analyze the factors that contributed to their underwhelming campaign. By addressing the on-field deficiencies, strengthening the squad, and fostering a cohesive and focused environment, the club can strive to regain their winning form and offer fans renewed hope for the future.

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Nigeria Football League

Dakkada FC, Ibom Youth and Ibom Angels relegated



… 3 out of 4 Akwa Ibom State Government teams relegated at the end of the Sir Monday Ebong Uko Administration

Dakkada FC, Ibom Youth FC and Ibom Angels FC have been relegated a step lower in the various Nigeria League System after having a poor run this season. The only team that has apparently survived is Akwa United FC.

The teams are managed by the Akwa Ibom State Government under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports headed by Sir Monday Ebong Uko, the Honorable commissioner for Youths and Sports in the state.

Dakkada FC this season had the worst recruitment of players at the beginning of the season. The team finished off in the league losing 10 matches this season winning only 3 games. According to a reliable source in the club, Dakkada FC management allegedly recruited players not by merit but “Slot” and “Placements”.

After 4 years in the league, the club will now be playing in the Nigeria National League while NNL Group B2 topper FC ONE ROCKET will likely be replacing Dakkada in the NPFL after a successful Super 8 as the second NPFL in Akwa Ibom but privately owned.

Ibom Angels and Ibom Youth are not farther to Dakkada as with issues of poor recruitment and poor management of the teams.

In a press release by the club issued on Monday, the club thanked the Akwa Ibom State Government and Sir Monday Ebong Uko for their to the club.

It is not yet confirmed if Dakkada FC will be participating in the Nigeria National League next season or if it will be permanently closing up shop as they were rumors of the club wanting to sell out to a private body.

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