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Ojo Paul Omamomo: Hon. Silvester Ovbije As New DESOPADEC Commissioner Will Restructure Sports In Delta State Holistically



Renowned and Award winning Football Agent, Mr Ojo Paul Omamomo has described the appointment of Hon. Silvester Ovbije as the new Commissioner Of DESOPADEC of Delta State as a well deserved appointment which the Sports sector of the state will benefit immensely.

Reacting to the appointment of Hon. Silvester Ovbije as the new Commissioner Of DESOPADEC, Ojo Paul Omamomo remained optimistic that Ovbiu reign as DESOPADEC Commissioner will be a turn-around for good as far as Delta State as a whole is concerned.

“Hon. Silvester Ovbije is a sports loving administrator and a lover of the youths, I believe DESOPADEC under him will
Work hand in hand with the Delta State Ministry of Sports as well as the Delta State FA to ensure sports in the state is revived”

“Delta State over the years has always been a reference point as far as Sports is concerned in Nigeria but in recent times sports in the state has been dewindling but I believe the newly appointed DESOPADEC Commissioner will leave a landmark in Delta State sports sector”

“Significantly, Sports has a way of uniting and integrating the youths in the scheme of things which will help curb all manner of youth restiveness and make the State a haven for investors to come into the state void of any form of fears”

“Hon. Silvester Ovbije is a man of integrity and has pedigree, I am optimistic that his reign as Commissioner of DESOPADEC will be felt by all sectors of the state “ soft Speaking Mr Ojo Paul Omamomo concluded

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Ade Ogundeyin’s Innovative Security Measures Revolutionize Sports Industry




Ensuring Safety and Empowering Athletes to Shine

Lagos, 2nd February 2024 – In an era where the safety and security of athletes, spectators, and venues have become paramount, one individual stands out for his groundbreaking contributions to the sports industry. Ade Ogundeyin, a visionary entrepreneur and security expert, has been at the forefront of transforming the way sports events are safeguarded, enabling athletes to focus on their game with peace of mind.

Ogundeyin’s innovative security measures have not only revolutionized the sports industry but have also set new standards for ensuring the safety of athletes and fans alike. With his unique approach, he has successfully addressed some of the most pressing security challenges faced by sporting events today.

One of Ogundeyin’s key contributions is his development of cutting-edge surveillance technology specifically designed for sports venues. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, his security systems can effectively monitor large crowds, detect potential threats, and respond swiftly to any security breaches. This proactive approach has significantly enhanced the overall safety of sports events, making them more secure and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Moreover, Ogundeyin’s expertise in cybersecurity has been instrumental in protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access to critical systems. With the increasing reliance on digital infrastructure in the sports industry, his innovative solutions have helped safeguard athletes’ personal information, ensuring their privacy and peace of mind.

Beyond his technical contributions, Ogundeyin has also focused on empowering athletes to excel in their respective sports. He firmly believes that a safe and secure environment is essential for athletes to perform at their best. Through his initiatives, Ogundeyin has implemented comprehensive training programs that educate athletes, coaches, and staff on security awareness, emergency protocols, and crisis management. By promoting a culture of safety, he has fostered an environment where athletes can thrive and focus solely on their performance.

Ogundeyin’s impact on sports security extends beyond just the athletes. His innovative solutions have also created a positive ripple effect on the entire sports ecosystem. By enhancing security and safety measures, he has encouraged more fans to attend live events, revitalizing the electric atmosphere that only a stadium can offer. This surge in attendance has helped boost revenue for sports organizations, allowing them to invest further in athlete development and infrastructure.

Looking ahead, Ogundeyin continues to push the boundaries of sports security. His ongoing research and development efforts aim to leverage emerging technologies such as facial recognition, biometrics, and predictive analytics to further enhance safety measures. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and collaborating with industry leaders, Ogundeyin is poised to shape the future of sports security.

He was also recognized by President Goodluck Jonathan as 100 Top businesses in Nigeria.

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Former Barcelona and Valencia Star Lopez Describes Vini Jr as a Growing Challenge for Real Madrid




… Gerard Lopez, Former Barcelona and Valencia Star, Criticizes Vinicius Jr. and Calls Him a Growing Problem for Real Madrid

In a scathing critique, former Barcelona and Valencia star Gerard Lopez has expressed his dissatisfaction with Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr., highlighting the recent controversy surrounding the player.

Lopez argues that the issues witnessed during Sunday’s match against Valencia were a long time coming.

Writing for Sport, Lopez states, “Considering his undeniable talent (arguably one of the most disruptive players in the world alongside Mbappé), the situation Real Madrid finds itself in with Vinicius Jr. has become increasingly unbearable.

His attitude in recent months cannot be tolerated.”

Lopez continues, “The insults he faced in Valencia should not be mixed with the provocative and arrogant demeanor he consistently displays on the field, which has led to an ever-growing list of adversaries, including opponents, referees, and fans. He has become persona non grata in Mallorca, Pamplona, and now Valencia.”

“The player must reconsider his behavior because the consequences will only escalate, potentially resulting in his departure, an outcome that Madrid is no longer ruling out. Given his market value and impact on the game, I see a player swap with Mbappé as the only viable solution.

Such a move would benefit both clubs.

PSG would acquire a disruptive player on par with Mbappé, without the internal issues he generates at the French club, while Madrid would see Florentino’s dream come true.”

Lopez emphasizes, “The incident in Valencia has reached a breaking point in terms of provocation. Although the insults from the stands are unjustifiable, they have always existed and will continue to exist in the world of football. Let’s not dwell on racist insults, which are condemnable.”

“Nobody appreciates any form of insult, but it is a part of everyday life in all levels of football. Coaches, referees, and others are not exempt from experiencing it. We have all faced such situations at some point.”

“Vinicius is not unique; he is not an isolated case. This is a widespread problem. However, what should not be expected is responding to these insults with provocations or contempt for the crowd, as it only exacerbates existing tensions. It adds fuel to the fire, leading to a multiplication of insults.”

Lopez concludes, “The team’s overall performance suffers when the spotlight is solely on the Brazilian. Madrid’s defeats away from the Bernabéu often coincide with Vinicius’s controversies. Defeats at Son Moix, Montilivi, and Mestalla align with matches where Vinicius has been at the center of attention and controversy. Madrid must contemplate their next steps regarding Vinicius and decide on the appropriate course of action for the player.”

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