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NNL demands standard match venues from clubs

Nigeria National League is doing everything possible to ensure its matches in the coming season will be played at venues that meet certain range of criteria because of the largest positive impact for the quality of the League. 

Clubs wishing to participate in the 2021/2022 league season have been mandated to submit their choice of stadium to host their games for the period on or before Thursday 18th of November, 2021.

Inspection of stadium and facilities the clubs intend use for the season has been schedule to commence anytime soon and compliance with the directives by the forty six clubs will help for timely decisions by the Nigeria national league to grant approval or otherwise .

Chief Operating officer of the most important league, Mr. Emmanuel Adesanya said clubs must take into account the critical conditions which have already been sent to them, before approval will be given to such venue to host any league game.

One of such is a strong availability of chain internet facilities in a broadcast friendly environment that will enable live transmission of matches.

Adesanya emphasized that the league body will not compromise any of the provisons in stadiums regulations before authorizing such venue /facility to host its matches in the new season.