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Nationwide League One

Blessed Stars Football Academy Soars into the Nationwide League One



In a thrilling turn of events, Blessed Stars Football Academy has officially joined the prestigious Nationwide League One, marking a significant milestone in the team’s journey. This remarkable achievement opens up new opportunities for the academy and promises an exciting future for both players and fans alike.

Rising to New Heights: Blessed Stars Football Academy’s inclusion in the Nationwide League One is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent. This young and dynamic team has consistently demonstrated their skills on the field, impressing both spectators and scouts. The academy’s commitment to nurturing and developing emerging football talent has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in their rise to prominence.

A Platform for Growth: Joining the Nationwide League One provides Blessed Stars Football Academy with a remarkable platform for growth and exposure. This highly competitive league attracts a wide range of talented teams from across the country, offering increased visibility and the opportunity to showcase their abilities on a larger stage. The academy’s participation in the league will undoubtedly elevate their reputation and open doors to potential collaborations, sponsorships, and even professional opportunities for their players.

An Exciting Journey Ahead: With their entry into the Nationwide League One, Blessed Stars Football Academy embarks on an exhilarating journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable moments. The academy’s young talents will have the chance to test their skills against some of the best teams in the country, fostering their growth as individuals and as a collective unit. The coaching staff’s guidance and expertise will be crucial in shaping these young athletes into future stars of the game.

Community Support and Fanbase: Blessed Stars Football Academy’s success is not only attributed to their players and coaching staff but also to the unwavering support of their loyal fanbase and the local community. The academy’s journey into the Nationwide League One will undoubtedly deepen their connection with supporters and inspire even more people to rally behind their favorite team. The academy’s commitment to community engagement and youth development will continue to be at the forefront as they strive to inspire the next generation of football enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Blessed Stars Football Academy’s inclusion in the Nationwide League One is a remarkable achievement that signals a new chapter in their journey. The academy’s talented players, dedicated coaching staff, and passionate fanbase are poised to make a lasting impact in the league. As they step onto the bigger stage, the academy’s commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, and community engagement will undoubtedly make them a force to be reckoned with. Football fans around the nation eagerly await the exciting matches and memorable moments that Blessed Stars Football Academy will undoubtedly deliver.

Nationwide League One

NLO Congress Gives Green Light to 10-Year Masterplan, Sets Kickoff Date for April 2024




The National League One (NLO) Congress has officially approved a comprehensive 10-year masterplan, signaling a significant milestone for Nigerian football. The plan outlines a strategic vision for the development and growth of the league over the next decade.

With the approval in place, the NLO Congress has also announced that the kickoff date for implementing the masterplan will be in April 2024. This eagerly anticipated start date marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards transforming and elevating the Nigerian football landscape.

The NLO Congress’s decision reflects their commitment to driving positive change and creating a sustainable future for football in Nigeria. With the masterplan now in motion, stakeholders and football enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing the evolution and progress of the NLO as it continues to shape the future of Nigerian football.

It said the kick off date was chosen “to give the clubs ample time and opportunity to recruit more talented players, knowing that most of their players might have been transferred during the professional league transfer window in January. The registration starts on December 9, 2023 and closes on March 1, 2024.”

The communique also revealed that it has adopted a stadium league format the ensures matches are played in television friendly stadiums across the country.

It added: “The NLO secretariat will determine the venues based on previously approved venues for professional league matches by NFF.

“The congress approved increment of registration fee due to the economic situation in the world from N200, 000 to N300, 000 (this includes affiliation to the NLO). The registration procedure in NLO has been adjudged to be more secured and tamper proof. That any club that does not pay or complete its registration will be sanctioned according to the rules and regulations of the NLO.”

The NLO said the registration for the season encompasses the pre-competition medical assessment and insurance of players and officials.

The National League One (NLO) has recently addressed a critical issue regarding clubs failing to pay their yearly registration fees, resulting in operational challenges for the league’s secretariat. In a stern warning, the NLO emphasized that any club neglecting to fulfill their registration fees would be ineligible to participate in the league.

During a recent congress, the NLO unveiled an array of innovative initiatives, aiming to revolutionize the league and enhance the development of Nigerian football. One notable addition is the introduction of the U-19 Youth League, which mandates clubs to focus on recruiting more 15 and 16-year-old players starting from the 2024 season.

The NLO firmly believes that this new youth league will have a profound impact on the league’s growth and contribute to the overall development of football in the nation. By encouraging clubs to look inward and invest in young talent, the NLO aims to nurture a pool of skilled players who can represent Nigeria at various levels and potentially even on the international stage.

In light of this development, the NLO has outlined the updated registration requirements for the youth league, effective from the 2024 season. Clubs will need to provide the National Identification Number (NIN) and primary school certificate as part of the registration documentation.

By utilizing the NIN and primary school certificate, the NLO aims to ensure accurate player identification and create a transparent system that safeguards the integrity of the league. This innovative approach aligns with the league’s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering a structured and organized football ecosystem.

The NLO’s call for clubs to promptly settle their registration fees and the introduction of the U-19 Youth League have generated significant buzz within the football community, as stakeholders recognize the positive impact these measures will have on the league’s progress.

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Nationwide League One

NNL 23: Coach Ejeh Pleased At Abia Comets Stretching Unbeaten Record To 5 Games



Former Abia Warriors FC Coach, Ejeh Kelvin, and his Abia Comets side stretched its unbeaten streak in the National League One as he thinkered the team to pick a point on the road following Abia Comets 1-1 draw against Calabar Rovers in the current NNL season.

Ejeh and his Warriros were resolute in ending the first round of the season on a high as they await a date against Calabar Rovers hoping to upset the Calabar based side before their home fans.

In its post match interview, the top ranking gaffer expressed his delight seeing his team cop another point on the road.

“It was absolutely amazing. It would have been a football crime if we didn’t score a goal in that period. We scored and it was an important goal for our confidence but unfortunately gave up the lead at the 90th minute”

“What pleased me most was the way we started the game. I told the players we don’t need to score in the first minute — it’s difficult to score in the first minute and is something out of our control. But, to start playing good football in the first minute, is possible. It’s our responsibility and we have to do that, and we did that,”

“We had an opportunity to seal off the game after the first goal but my striker was slow to play the ball pass the goalkeeper “

“It’s very difficult to see such numbers of unbeaten run in the NNL but our team work and dedication made it possible” Ejeh concluded”

Inconsistent Calabar Rovers were faced with another Litmus test in their quest of bouncing back to winning haven been drawn to face high flying Abia Comets side at home on Matchday 10.

Cruising on a four match unbeaten streak, Abia Comets exhumed confidence entering its Matchday 10 fixture against Calabar Rovers as they eye to compound the Calabar based side woes and to stretch its unbeaten run.

The fixture lived up to its billing in the first half as the two sides huffed and puffed at another in their quest to break the deadlock all to no avail as the two team’s defended stoutly to ensure level scoreline at half time break.

On return for the second half, Abia Comets who had been the better side in all ramifications came through with much sorted goal at the 83rd minute.

Thinking it was ‘Uhru’ Rovers piled up pressure to earn a spot kick at the 90th minute which was beautifully converted to ensure a share of spoils at full time

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National Team News

Blessed Stars FC to lock horns with Dakkada FC



Ladan Bosso

Blessed Stars Football Academy is set to play against Dakkada Football Club during the U-20 Nigeria National Team scouting holding in Uyo.

Akwa Ibom based football academy Blessed Stars Football Academy is set to play against Akwa Ibom-based government club playing in the Nigeria National League, Dakkada Football Club. Blessed Stars Football Academy who recently acquired a slot to play in the Nigeria Nationwide League One (NLO1) will be playing with Dakkada Football Club.

According to the organizers of the scouting tournament, exclusively confirmed that the head coach of the Nigeria U20- National team will be live in Uyo at the Uyo Township stadium from the 24th of January 2024 to conduct a screening exercise in other to invite players to the Nigeria U-20 National team.

It can be recalled that in 2022 Ladan Bosso was in Uyo where he scouted the sensational Daga Daniels who currently plays for Enyimba Football Club. The sensation midfielder had caught the attention of top clubs in Europe including Watford FC, Mancity, C.D. Feirense and some other tops clubs.

Blessed Stars in the past is recognized in Akwa Ibom State as a club known to produce players who have played the U-17 and U-20 national team respectively.

The match is expected to be the star match of the day.

According to organizers the program is scheduled to start on Wednesday 24th January 2024 with Blessed Stars and Dakkada FC playing the first game.

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